Class structure

In fact classes in the university are very different when compared with the classes we have in high school. In our high school, our classes are based on the compulsory subjects which we have to take and most of the time the classes are just classroom style where we will be listening to our teachers or sleeping in class.

Either way, I will be sharing what is there to expect about the class structure at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. After experiencing my first year as a mechanical engineering student, there are a different type of classes: lectures, tutorials, laboratories, and workshops. In some other courses, you may face other types of class catered to the needs of the course itself.

Lectures are somewhat the type of class where you will be placed in a class of many, many students and there will be a lecturer in front giving his or her lecture. Yea, this is one of the classes which you should skip. Just kidding. Normally, the lecture lasts for two hours, or even shorter if you ever consider skipping.


Tutorials are practice classes where students will be given revision questions to do and you are free to discuss with your course mates and there will be a number of lecturers in the class to give you guidance and help if you need. A quick tip, better attend these tutorial classes especially when the exams are near, this is when kind lecturers will actually give you hints on what may be coming out or if you have tough luck, study everything…

Labs and workshops are practical sessions which comprised marks based on attendance and reports. You will have to follow the schedule which would be sent to you during the first week of classes. You would be grouped with 3-4 of your course mates. And this is normally one of my personal favorites because you will actually be able to do something practical and something out of the classroom (literally).


in fact the classes here aren’t so strict with their attendance… especially for lectures and tutorials, but the labs are mandatory and compulsory

For the classes, students will need to download the Instatt App to sign attendance -.- and the problem is that the app lags due to the amount of traffic by students