Changing/Shifting courses at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Kampus Serdang,Selangor

helo and hai,im from Universiti Putra Malaysia.First and for most,i would incredibly excited to share my current journey in UPM, one of the best and badass public universities in Malaysia. I’ve been studying here since 2012. I finished my Agriculture Foundation in 2012 and proceeded with my bachelor degree in Biology the following year in September.

That was my first choice when I filled in the application form. However, I was a bit disapointed because I was expecting to obtain my first choice which is Bachelors in Nutrition and Health. Time flies, I continued my studies in Biology for almost a year.

Later, after my second semester, I took a very brave and rare decision though ,i would like to change my programme of study.It was quite tough decision that I’ve done ever hahaha. I was tremendously confident and applied for Bachelor in Dietetics, it was even extreme than Nutrition Course. Yea I managed to get into the course. Yet,i am surviving very well till this second. In facts, i need to repeat my 1st year degree (because I totally changed my course, faculty and residence college).It was very huge personal sacrifice.

My CGPA is burnt.It only helps me to apply for my changing procedures.My uni fees burnt as well as my period of study.I have 5 years for bachelor degree while others only four.I need to repeat all those things(what first-year students should do) once again.Become a first year student for two times, it was so sturdy. But I’ve learnt and experienced a lot of things.I meet many more friends and one good thing, I feel so old in class. All my coursemates, I mean my new coursemates, called me KAKAK.hihi.Old but gold. Until now, I have very strong relationships with my coursemates, they are my backbone, my oxygen tank, my everything.I hope this journey till my 6th years in UPM worth enough for the sake of my future.

So any question about my changing programme procedures or anything regarding UPM kampus Serdang, just feel free to ask me :smile:

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Hello. I got an offer to do a course that I don’t want to. I haven’t enrolled to that uni though. So can you explain the procedures?


Hi i’d like to ask if we could change course after first semester? And directly proceed to the second semester of the new course?

hi may i know how the procedure for changing course in detail. i wnt to change from engineering to education… is it possible ??btw im in my sec sem too