Chan Sow Lin LRT Tips

Actually HELP CAT is very easy to reach. Recognize this LRT station Chan Sow Lin which is the interchange station of Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line.

##The Tricky Part Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line share the same track. So most of the time people didn’t aware about it and got into the wrong train.

##REMEMBER: Ampang & Sri Petaling is at Platform 2A

1. check the wording on top of the front and back of the train.

### 2. check the display board wording
### 3. listen to announcement in the train most of the time they are not saying though
### 4. ask people in the train to confirm ask those who looks like local, they know the struggle and will answer you promptly

**This is the train to Sentul Timur at Platform 2B**

Oh yeah. I’ve missed the real train also before. :sleeping:

I’ve seen a lot. Poor backpackers didn’t know which train they should enter. Ended up enter the wrong train still have to come back Chan Sow Lin. The instruction is not clear lah…
Somemore got 2 platforms only use one… =="

Kesian the tourists… They can’t even know how to buy a token because the screen is all Malay.

Btw, the Sri Petaling Train looks outdated. But it’s important to look that the display screen clearly.