Cars Popular Among Students

As a student, the choice of car one chooses to drive is pretty crucial considering how expensive the cost of driving is now, specifically in SS15 Subang Jaya. Based on my daily observations, the spectrum of cars students nowadays drive go from simple, local made cars such as Perodua Myvi and Axia to more of the high end cars such as Volkswagen Polo and even Mercedes cars. What a student definitely should consider are factors such as comfort, fuel efficiency, features and most importantly pricing. I personally prefer to drive local cars, like the Myvi or Axia and the new models come with the eco green feature, where the cars engine will automatically turn off when you come to a stop as a way to save fuel. Besides that, the car stereo system is pretty good and the seats are comfy as well. The maintenance fees for said cars are pretty reasonable too as Perodua has well equipped workshops, reasonable pricing and tip top customer service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.