Cars: Maintenance

There are both good and bad criteria to consider before giving your car for maintenance; but, as per my experience, garage maintenance is better than the dealer service department. My friend gave his car at the Volks Maniac Garage in Subang, where he met a lot of friendly staff who fixed his car’s fuel tank. Dealer service department costs a fortune compared to a garage; and, as a college student, we must budget accordingly. Firstly, garages authorize for face-to-face communication with your engineer, making it easier for both driver and engineer to share key information about the car; thus, helping us have trust in the work performed. Garage engineers may specialize in less, but trust me, you can directly describe everything about your car, and they will examine it properly before working on it. Furthermore, garages are often in more easily reachable locations than dealer which is why it is favorable to drive a short way to your neighborhood garage than to go to the dealer. To conclude, as a college student, technical staff, area, and satisfaction are what I consider and recommend to you, before giving your car for maintenance.(upload://hvLeZv5gZZ9wLiFn5GQ76aSwBaj.jpeg)