Can you make a career out of gaming?

With the ever changing business environment and trends ,what were known to be as unconventional career’s are turning the tables and are finding their place along side conventional jobs in terms of wages and sustainability . In this evolution, what was considered as a lazy man’s hobby and a child’s past time activity is turning into a lucrative career option. Yes people ,I am talking about gaming!!!.There are many departments in this industry that you can make a career out of such as becoming a professional e-sports player , game critic, game tester , game vlogger, developer and much more .If your not sure on which position suits you, try to self reflect and ask yourself what is it that excites you while your playing a game , is it the story line ? ,the way the game was built ?, the characters ? or the adrenaline rush you get from just playing the game?. Each one of these questions is a career in the game industry as answering it tells you which department suits your skills the best . Though still at its infancy ,it has turned out to be a multi-million dollar industry and as gamers this is the time to seize the opportunity as they need gamers like us to win e-sports tournaments , create game walk trough videos and test and develop new ideas to keep up with their rapidly growing audience base.