Cafeteria or McDonalds?

It’s an hour before our next class and we’re all starving but at the same time, we’re tired of having either cafeteria food and shawarma. What’s our next option? And then someone says McDonald’s, and who doesn’t love it? Cause I’m Lovin’ It. Jokes aside the reason I picked ss15 McDonalds is that it is so easy and convenient for students to hop in and grab something. We all have our usual order at McDonald’s that we never stray away from. So, this time I ordered my usual 6pc Chicken Nuggets and Barbeque sauce with my side of fries and coke. If there’s one bad thing about McDonald’s at ss15 is the service, usually, there’s just one person at the cashier when there are two machines which leads to long lines of waiting. Sometimes when you go there, they’re out of certain menu options. But overall McDonalds is the ultimate fast food for a lot of students and families out their not just in Malaysia and it’s because of its good quality food and variety of both sweet and savory items.