Bubble tea in SS15

Is there anything better than having your favourite cup of boba after one day of classes?
The answer is, NO!

The bubble milk teas trend are now important in our life. There are a lot of excuses we made just for one cup of bubble milk teas such as we need boba to socialize, we need that sugar, we need boba to be shown in my social media and more.

More and more animals are used to be the shop name of bubble milk teas recently such as JLD Dragon, Tiger Sugar, The Alley, Daboba and more.

SS15 used to be a food place but now it is more famous about the bubble milk teas. There are at least 6 bubble milk teas shop in SS15 itself and there is even a street called as “bubble tea street” now. SS15 became more and more crowd because of these shops are opened.

So what are you still waiting for? Go explore the “bubble tea street” with your family & friends in SS15!