Bubble Tea around UCSI

Calling all the bubble tea lovers! There are indeed more and more bubble tea brands showing up lately. Guess what, you could easily find a number of bubble tea options right here around our campus too. It really causes a dilemma for us sometimes. :laughing:

In the campus itself, you may try out one from our convenience stores such as Family Mart and Richman Station. They taste quite good, and the prices are also much more affordable compared to other brands out there.

Walk along the shop lot outside our campus and you can find The Alley. We can say that it’s kind of the first bubble tea brand that opened a store near our campus. Right opposite of it, you’d find Black Ball Mini, a dessert shop offering bubble tea in cute sizes. Go a little further to the Shell petrol station, and that’s where you can get one from Tealive, one of the pioneers in the market. Chatto is also available around our campus.

If you’re really a big fan of bubble tea, you can even travel to the other side of the road to grab one from Xing Fu Tang. You can simply cross the bridge or take a 5 minutes drive (provided if there’s no traffic jam) to reach there.

So far, these are the bubble tea choices available around our campus and we believe there are more to come. Look out, the bubble tea wave is getting stronger!