#BestMemoryinHighSchool MTV World Stage - FREE TICKETS!


Attention to all SPM Candidates, Attention! Exams are coming soon but why don’t you try to relax a bit after your post SPM Trial Exams? And we have the perfect way for you to do it. Brickfields Asia College (official partner for MTV World Stage) in partnership with Easyuni is giving away 1 pair of tickets for the lucky 4 winners to attend this year’s MTV World Stage happening at Sunway Lagoon on September 12 (Yes! It is right after SPM trial exams!). And how to win tickets, you say? Wait honey, I’m in that part already. It is very simple, if you want to join, you just have to:

  1. Reply to this thread (hosted under forum.easyuni.my) a photo that represents your best memory in high school. And explain in less than 100 words.

  2. Share your story in your Facebook account with the hashtags #bestmemoryinhighschool and #worldstagemy. Do not forget to make your post public. :slight_smile:

It’s that simple! A lucky draw will be conducted to give away four pairs amongst all the participants.


1.Must be a current SPM or O-Levels candidate for this year.

Announcement of Winners:

The winners will be sent a personal email and they would have to confirm within 24 hours. At the same time, we will give them a shout out to our social media accounts such Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Deadline of entries is until August 31, 2015. Within 24 hours, Easyuni will announce the winners.

In the event that there is no confirmation, Easyuni has the right to choose another winner depending on the criteria stated earlier. Upon claiming of the tickets, the winner must present his IC. And that’s it. Good job!

What are you waiting for? Join NOW!

Line up act includes: Apink, Sekai No Owari, Carly Rae Jepsen and many more.


SPM即将来临,想必大家也在卖力读书吧? 尽管如此,大家偶尔还是得放松心情的~

不如在SPM预考后和朋友们去庆祝一番? :smile:

与Brickfields Asia College联手合作,Easyuni将送出一双MTV World Stage '15 入门票 给四位幸运儿!

今年的MTV World Stage 将于9月12日傍晚7.30,于Sunway Lagoon举行,既是预考结束后的星期六。这天时、地利实在是最适合与朋友一狂欢庆祝!其中阵容包括了韩国女子团体 A Pink 与日本团体 Sekai No Owari (进击的巨人电影版主题曲) , 首度在MTV的舞台上与大家同欢乐 :wink:


1. 在此帖放上一张代表着你中学时最美好的回忆的照片,再与我们分享你的经历 (限100个字)
2. 把你的故事分享于你的facebook,并附上 #bestmemoryinhighschool#worldstagemy

** 记得要将隐私设为“公开” 哦!


透过抽奖方式,四位幸运儿将获得各一双MTV World Stage 的入门票!

截止日期: 8月31日半夜12点 (即9月1日凌晨12点)

Easyuni 将于截止后24小时内电邮通知得奖者,并且在社交网站 (fb, twitter, instagram)上公布成绩!

MTV World Stage 正等着你呢!


  1. 只限于 2015 SPM 或 O-Levels 考生
  2. 如果可以,请以英文分享你的经历 (非强制性)
  3. 得奖者需在24小时内进行确认; 在无人确认的情况下,easyuni 将保有选择另一名得奖者的权利。
  4. 得奖者需在领奖时呈现IC 以确认身份


Perhatian kepada semua Calon SPM! Ya, kami tahu SPM dah dekat tapi apa kata relaks kejap lepas Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM ni? Dan kami akan beritahu anda bagaimana. Brickfields Asia College ( rakan kongsi rasmi untuk MTV World Stage) dengan kerjasama bersama Easyuni nak beri anda 2 tiket MTV World Stage kepada 4 pemenang bertuah yang akan diadakan di Sunway Lagoon pada 12 September ini. Jadi, bagaimana caranya? Senang je, anda hanya perlu:

  1. Balas perbualan ini (dianjurkan oleh forum.easyuni.my) dengan satu gambar yang menunjukkan memori terindah anda di sekolah menengah. Kemudian cerita serba sedikit tanpa lebih 100 patah perkataan.

  2. Kongsikan balasan anda di laman Facebook anda dengan hashtag #BestMemoryinHighSchool dan #worldstage my. Jangan lupa jadikannya publik! :grinning:

Mudah kan? Satu cabutan bertuah akan diadakan untuk memilih keempat-empat pemenang.


  1. Merupakan calon SPM or O-levels 2015

Pengumuman Pemenang

Para pemenang akan menerima emel daripada kami dan haruslah membuat pengesahan dalam masa 24 jam. Pada masa yang sama kami akan umumkan nama pemenang di laman sosial kami seperti Facebook, Twitter dan juga Instagram.

Tarikh tamat penyertaan adalah pada 31 Ogos 2015. Easyuni akan mengumumkan nama para pemenang dalam masa 24 jam.

Jika tiada sebarang pengesahan dibuat, pihak Easyuniberhak untuk memilih pemenang yang lain berdasarkan syarat kelayakan yang telah dinyatakan. Semasa ingin menuntut tiket tersebut, pemenang harus menunjukkan Kad Pengenalan bersama. Itu sahaja.

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Sertai SEKARANG!


Awesome! I don’t even have such memory back in my high school days LOL :joy: The Millennial century kids are really lucky! #worldstagemy


Lucky SPM AND O-levels candidates lol All the best! #worldstagemy