Best bikes to afford in college

really? i thought it same as how all petrol station have ron 95 and 97

mostly yes, but the price is quite pricey until i knew shell after my uncle who worked at workshop told me that i can get with rm50 only

im using shell advance long ride which mainly focus on long ride and city ride, my main prob with my bike had been solved with my uncle recommendation

Any bike can use it right?

Noted. Will find the engine oil that can help the engine last long.

all 4-stroke motorcycle

to ensure engine will operate in a good condition for a long time, better go for fully synthetic

yess full synthetic oil is more concentrated and good for the engine thats why the price is a lil bit high

better use pricey oil than having to pay for the broken parts later.

really? i use castrol and mobil oil quite good also for long distance

suitable for 4-stroke modern motorcycles.The best part is it gives more endurance during long rides