Best bikes to afford in college

Planning to buy a motorbike for ease of transportation. Which one is okay and how about maintenace cost?

im using modenas kris for campus purposes, so far so good

Can i know Are you a student or working? Because must suit your needs too

Im using y15 quite expensive but its my passion

i love seeing y15 wish i can afford it one day

i think if student can buy scooter cause dont need to go really fast in campus

Just save money every month i hope you’ll get to buy it one day

Yupp scooter is quite cheap too for students and the maintenance is not so high

ain’t it available for current production from modenas?

I’m still study and working part time right now in KL so i prefer motorcycle instead of car to face the heavy traffic everyday.

I love the model but look like it more to men style :upside_down_face:

i am a woman and using y15 too…Dont worry many girls out there using it…It quite expensive but for purpose of transportation to workplace, it was recommended…

whatever the vehicle it is, the engine oil is essential to take care of the engine after go thru the traffic everyday that may cause wear out…

ex5, rs150, scooter, y15, yamaha 135,sym 110

i had tried lot of brands and used only material of fully syn becos its molecule more stable compared to semi and mineral

is that all brands have that fully syn?

so semi and mineral aint good?

its decent but in malaysia better use full synthetic cause we have hot weather

i dont think so, because some brand specialize in different types of fuel

yeah i agree its better to use high quality oil than having to spend money to repair later