Being Cashless at UCSI

I’m not sure if you’ve seen advertisements out there saying that our university is going “cashless”. What exactly does it mean? You can actually get the idea by looking at our student ID card. :wink:

Unlike the ordinary ones, ours can be used as a debit card as well. This project is powered by Hong Leong Connect, so every student gets a banking account under Hong Leong Bank once they get their cards activated. Beyond all the basic banking services, our UCSI 1 Card also comes with discounts offered by a variety of merchants, both on and off campus. In fact, they’ve just engaged with Manekineko Karaoke to provide 20% discounts to all UCSI students and staff. :smile: We’ll just need to show them our student ID card.

You may check out their website here: to find out more about the priviledges and latest promotion. :+1: