Ask me anything about studying at University of Nottingham Malaysia

Hi everyone, my name is Zhen Hong. I am currently pursuing my tertiary studies on a mechanical engineering degree in the University of Nottingham Malaysia. :grinning:

My journey with UNM started two years ago with my foundation course in this university. I majored in Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering :gear: While studying here, I managed to understand who I am and getting exposed to different cultures. My passion is making new friends and getting to know new perspective, as well as getting to know what is going on at the forefront of technology :iphone: Ask me anything (especially about studies and career) and Iā€™d love to help you out.

I also want to study Mechanical Engineering, but with american degree twinning programme.

Does Nottingham have a twinning program with american uni? I think for twinning program no need for Foundation or A-levels, right?

Iā€™m afraid not, John. For Nottingham though, we have mobility programs like exchange and transfer programs with the UK/ China campuses.