Ask Me Anything about Studying at UCSI

Hi! I am Phoey Fang from UCSI University. You can call me Fannie too! :blush: I am currently in my third year for Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Branding and Advertising.

I enjoy watching music performances for leisure and when I have longer time, I love to use them to work on some art crafts.

I stay off-campus despite the great hostels available in the campus because my home is located just 15 minutes away. :smile:

Feel free to ask me anything about studying in UCSI! Food, Clubs, Classes, anything. :wink:

Hi Fannie!

Any business clubs UCSI?

Hi! Yes, there is quite a number of them such as Marketing Student Association, Accounting and Finance Student Association, Management Student Association etc. :smile:

Why should someone choose UCSI over others such as INTI, HELP, KDU, etc?

Hi, I would say UCSI is an university in which you can excel far beyond your academic learnings. Make a visit to our campus and you’ll see student organisations actively publicizing their events and activities at the lobby, along the corridors and sometimes, they would even come into classrooms to present about their events.

Also, our university offers scholarships and grants for students to pursue their dreams. Scholars also get to join one of the many social initiatives under our Scholars Enrichment Programme, all serving different causes related to Environment, Youth Development, Community and Social Entrepreneurship. :blush:

Cool! :slight_smile:

Student reviews about UCSI are not bad too

Looks like you guys have a good thing going on there! Encourage your fellow students to review UCSI! I’m sure real reviews from real students are very useful for potential students considering UCSI.

We, at EasyUni, would love to see more reviews! :slight_smile:

Sure! Will definitely spread it around. :wink:

I as a student(16y/o) from an upper middle class family aspire to study in fashion design, a niche subject in malaysia. The only 2 reputable schools (as far as i know) in Malaysia is The One Academy and Raffles institute of design. My friend has mentioned studying abroad would be better as the facilities are more advance; he suggested studying in Raffles singapore. What do you think would be the best option to take?

Hey, there. I would say its not necessary that you should limit yourself to only these two options. For instance, here in UCSI, we have considerable facilities for fashion design students too. However, if you’re really looking into entering any of these two universities that you mentioned, perhaps you should try visiting their campus and making a special request from their student enrollment centres for a tour to their design studios etc. That could be a better way to judge the quality of their facilities. :smiley:

Anyway, personally, Raffles was my top-of-mind when I was considering to study fashion design. I was impressed by the students’ projects displayed at one of the edu fairs that I visited. I really liked how each of the students there are guided on the various design skills while at the same time being able to express their personal styles in their works. :star2:

Indeed overseas, have a better facilities and have much connection to the industry compare to Malaysia. But it also come with a huge cost. Hence studying at the institution that have a decent studios and equipment is important. You can study locally not only considering two of the institution, but also at UCSI. You can visit all three institution and compare in term of their course structure, the studios and equipment, which one is much better suits your studies