Ask Me Anything about studying at INTI Subang 😊


Hi all, I am Nur Azre. I graduated from INTI Subang with a Northwood (US) Double Major Degree a few years ago!

My journey with INTI started with a 3 months American Degree Program at Nilai and then, I decided not to fly back to US and to move to INTI Subang. I majored in International Business and Management. While studying here, I managed to understand who I am and how I can help others. My passion is saving money, making friends and sharing stories. Ask me anything (especially about studies and career) and I’d love to help you out.

I also want to study American twinning degree program. Someone told me it’s faster, no need study Foundation or A-level.

Does INTI have mechanical engineering American twinning program?

Hi John,

My program was 4+0, which means you can choose to complete here or transfer to US and it is twinned with a specific uni in the US.

For mechanical engineering, I believe they don’t have a specific American twinning program. They do, however, have a very good Engineering Degree Program (American Degree Program). In this program, you would do general requirement subjects in Malaysia and complete the core higher level subjects in the US. The diff between this and my degree, is that you would have to still meet the chosen destination uni requirements during your two years here, before you apply for admission. I have a few friends who got into Iowa State, Nebraska-Lincoln and many more!

4+0 ah? Same as foundation, then 3 year degree… so why you choose ADP?

Not all ADP is 4+0, especially those with single majors =)

My case was an isolate case, I wanted to transfer 2 years of liberal arts American credits to another American program but complete my studies in Malaysia due to my family’s medical situation. It was one of the only few options I had, not to start over. I transferred from Wake Forest Uni, one of the top 30 unis in the US.

Also, if you are kiasu enough, you can cheat your way to a 3 years journey with a double major, taking 6-7 subjects in long sem instead of the normal 5, and 3 subjects in short sem instead of 1 or 2.

For my other friends who took the same program, they loved it because it is way cheaper and have much international exposure.