Arriving in Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)


Hello guys! Akinyi here (a.k.a african_sense), I am from Nigeria and I have been in Malaysia for my studies (hello SEGi!)… I want to make this thread for the sake of newbies (fresh blood) coming to Malaysia via plane, of what to expect in the airport, and what to and not to do.

  1. Make sure you bring all your documents related to your study papers in Malaysia, do not forget the Visa Approval Letter, together with Valid Single entry visa (issued by the Malaysian embassy in your country) plus a valid passport.

  2. While on the immigration proceed to the International students waiting area, prepare your documents. Do not be afraid by the MY Immigration Officers (IO). They’re friendly, just show your documents properly and make sure that you are assisted by a rep of the university you are entering.

  3. For first timers here in Malaysia, IOs randomly do a finger print scanning. Don’t get scared, it is pretty standard.

  4. The moment that immigration stamps your passport, make sure that it is the right date or better, check the validity. They are humans too, they do make mistakes. They’re also stamping on your passport, make sure not to remove or detach it. Remember that you have 30 days to process your student pass, coordinate with your university on how you can make it.

  5. Get your bags properly in the conveyor belt, if you do not travel frequently, this might be problematic if your bags do not have any special tags or marks on them. I am saying this because, I had luggage colored black and I took the wrong one. Ha ha.

  6. Buy a sim card. It is pretty cheap, for under RM 10 (USD 3.50), you can buy one and you can top-up depending on how much you need. This is very much applicable for students who do not have anyone to pick them up so that they can communicate while in Malaysia.

  7. Just exchange enough money for taxi or bus at the airport for any currency that you own. Exchange rates at airports are really bad. There are better shops that you can have it exchanged. Some friends get money from their international cards, but I don’t have the luxury, but they do. He he

  8. If you arrive late evening, do not worry since there are still modes of transportation that you can use, bus will be the cheapest option. If you come to Malaysia for first time as student, university rep will be waiting for you and drive you to your accommodation.

  9. Don’t forget to take care of your luggage. Even though Malaysia is relatively safe, in any country that you go to even if they are tagged as the safest, it is better to keep close attention to your belongings than being sorry later.


Unfortunately for us Nigerians, it is quite tough to come to Malaysia because of our skin color, Malaysia like most Asian countries favor light - skinned people, but this does not discount the fact that Malaysians are really friendly people. I had the best days of my life here.


If there are things that I missed, let me know LAH! ha ha :grin:


Hahaha @african_sense the LAH at the bottom of the picture shows you are seriously getting to the way Malaysian talks here! I’m not sure if you realise, we like to mix every language we know into our daily conversation and writing. So in case you don’t understand, I’m now drafting a list of “Malaysian Slangs” will tag you once it is done. :smile: hopefully that helps you to understand our daily conversations. :stuck_out_tongue:
:sunny: Welcome to Malaysia!!! Hope you enjoy all the good food here. It’s Ramadan now! :sunny:


This really helpful!!