Are You Ready for the Jungle Life?

Are you still wondering if studying at the University of Nottingham Malaysia is the right choice? This forum right here will be basically just seniors sharing their unexpected advice on what incoming juniors should be expecting while studying here.

My advice would be if you chose to study here, be prepared to handle the workload when it comes to assignments wise and your studies. I haven’t been studying in other universities, but from my experience in UNM, when they said that high school life is more difficult, that isn’t entirely true.

Sure, you can get to skip a few lectures or tutorials, but the curriculum here would undoubtedly be more difficult and harder as compared to your high school and college life.

Advice number two would be to join the activities on campus! The following three to four years would be filled with stress, but trust me, joining the activities on campus would definitely make your university life worth it.

Here’s a picture of our swimming pool!
And what you would expect as our football fan!

UNM is a university with the most clubs and societies among all other unis in Malaysia. This means you can expect that there is definitely a thing or two which suits to your taste.

For example, in my case, I joined an engineering chapter, IMechE, which allows me to know more about my course mates and seniors, at the same time participating in career talks, which allow me to understand more on what I’m studying (because seriously most of the time we study but do you really know what is out there in the job market?)

There are many clubs as well in this university, for example, the Music Society which is likely for you to try it out if you want to be involved in the choir, orchestral team or even a band! The Dance Club which has a dancing studio itself to practice your moves! The Gaming Society which has its very own gaming room (P.S. They have PS4 right there!)

If you are one of the sporties, did I forget to mention that there is a Sports Complex as well? You will get a chance to join various sports, which includes swimming, volleyball, martial arts, and yea, there is even a free gym there.

I think you can consider joining the CS Fair which is held every September. There will be many clubs holding booths there and give you advice on what clubs you can join. You can check out SA website: to know more about their activities they have.

I personally would recommend you to join AIESEC! It is nice platform for uni students and I believe you can get many friends by joining that club.