Are good grades important?

Studying all night long to get better grades? We all do this. At some point, you might be wondering, are good grades really that important? Why are we pushing ourselves so hard just to get an ‘A’?

Well, in my opinion, good grades are more like stepping stones for you to gain entrance into your desirable institute. It is undeniable that we need to meet certain criteria in order to enter into an university. Grades are even more important if you’re looking into getting a scholarship. For SPM, Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) and Sejarah (History) are in fact two subjects that you should make sure to pass as they serve as pre-requisite to enter into any universities.

Once you’re in university, good grades might still be important as they will make your resume look better in the future. A good grade will indicate that you have a good knowledge of a particular subject or field of expertise that a company is looking for. However, good personality and practical skills are far more important beyond academic knowledge. Hence, while you’re studying hard to get good results in your exams, remember to take on any chance to enhance your practical skills. Some lecturers might help out on this by giving more practical assignments or projects.

Likewise, students can help themselves by attending more workshops or being organizing committees in clubs and student associations. These are great platforms for students to improve their communication skills, planning and management capability as well as flexibility.

Hence, students must not blindly study just to get good grades but must look into how these knowledge gained can be applied practically in their future careers. There are also many events organized by the university itself or student associations that aim to enrich students with various useful skills. Students should explore around for such events as they are great learning opportunities.

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Hi there,
Do you think that our education system are only provided paper qualification (get a good grades) than train us how to develop a skills?

Well, can’t deny that. Fortunately, many of the institutions today are trying to implement more practical course works into their syllabus. Even for high schools, I would say PT3 today is really much more better than PMR in that it gets students to think more when answering the exams rather than just writing down what they’ve memorized. :thinking:

Right! i am really glad because our gov now implemented PT3 more on focusing how develop the student’s skill compared to only be good in paper qualification only.