Are expensive shoes really worth the buzz?

Reason why choosing expensive shoe
Shoes are necessity in our lives. Wearing a shoe can keep us from dirty, and most important is keeping us from getting hurt by sharp items. There’s various type of shoes in the market and each of them have different price level. Some are cheap and some are expensive. In my opinion, the reason why we should choose an expensive shoe is because of the quality. It’s not certainly that all expensive shoe have good quality but cheap shoe don’t have it for sure. With the growth of technology, there’s a lot of different type of shoe in the market, but what I want to point out here is not just only about the design but the good effect to us when wearing these expensive shoe. There’s some shoe in the market contain features than can heal disease like O shape leg and flat feet. Even you don’t have any problem now but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to choose a better shoe. Choosing a comfortable shoe is really important as it not just only can increase the time for you to walk but also help to prevent a lot of disease. In fact , it might even help you on your healthy. So, this is why I think we should choose an expensive shoe over a cheap shoe.