Aquatic Science in UCSI

Our university is known for a number of interesting courses that you might not be able to find elsewhere and Aquatic Science is one of them! Our BSc (Hons) Aquatic Science is where you can learnabout the aquatic ecosystem through multi-disciplinary studies. If you’re passionate about keeping the aquatic environments healthy by developing solutions to a wide range of environmental issues, this is the right course for you.

Researches under this programme cover areas such as ecosystem-based management, natural resources management, sustainable aquaculture as well as modern development’s impact on the natural ecosystems. :tropical_fish: :earth_americas:

What’s more cool? We even have our very own aquatic science lab right here in our campus. Sometimes, we just can’t help but to walk by the lab and check out the various aquatic species. The cute jellyfishes are our current favourite. :laughing:

It’s sad that I could only have a look outside the lab as it is only open for aquatic science students. But if you’re interested and get enrolled in the programme, you’ll have the chance to get hands-on and engage in insightful researches about them. Once you step into this field, you’ll be on the mission to improve the quality of life for these lovely marine creatures. How meaningful is that! :whale:

Find out more about the programme here on our website: :wink: