APU Accommodation choices


The university does not has their own hostel, but it has partnership with Academia, Vista Komanwel, Fortune Park, Endah Promenade and Covillea to provide accommodation for students. The rentals are ranging from RM270 to RM1900 per month, depending your choices.
However, students can choose to rent rooms other than the ones university provided. The APU website provides really detailed explanation though.

Open to more options? No worries! Our community comes to help! Check out the availability and price @ users here, ibilik.my, etc. :wink:
Are you finding roommates and/or housemates currently? Share it here and let the discussion begin!


@Ivy you can choose to rent a room in savanna condo or arena green apartment. both nearer to apu, u can even walk to apu :smiley:

savanna condo:

arena green:


Hey Bounce,
Thanks for your contributions! Are you APUian?


It’s much cheaper to find a condo on your own… not suggesting to take the accommodation in Fortune, unless you are driving. It’s quite far from the campus and other amenities. I’ve been staying in Vista & Savanna. If you want bigger room with cheaper rates, go for Vista… Savanna is more expensive but the facilities are much better…


now APU got many other choices la… Savanna no longer under their accommodation. Arena never be their accommodation. But many student live in Arena cause it’s very cheap compare to other apartment or condo in bukit jalil. You can check this link for their accommodation choices: http://www.apu.edu.my/life-apu/accommodation.

Most convenience is Endah Promenade, it’s near Endah Parade Shopping Mall, surrounded by many restaurant and mamak; you can yamcha till crazy if you stay there, just need to go down only.haha :smirk:


I disagree, Endah Promenade is getting very very expensive now. Some more, if you miss the bus the taxis will be very expensive especially if you get stuck in the jam in the morning.

Savanna would be a better choice if you look for a nice condo. The pricing there kept decreasing because its not so popular among the general students anymore. If not Arena Green and Vista Komanwel is okay also.


Dear all,

If you need a place to rent, kindly check us out @ Endah Villa Condominium, Sri Petaling KL.

Property Type: Condominium
Built-Up: 1,129 sq. ft.
Rental Price: RM1,800 (utility deposit RM900, security deposit: 2 months, advance rental: 1 month)
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Occupancy: Vacant
Parking: 1
Furnish: Fully Furnished (unit comes with a balcony)

:heavy_check_mark: 3-Bedroom & Living Hall with Air Conditioners
:heavy_check_mark: Bed & mattresses
:heavy_check_mark: Covered Parking Bay
:heavy_check_mark: Near Train Station
:heavy_check_mark: Near Bus Station
:heavy_check_mark: Gas Stove
:heavy_check_mark: Microwave Oven
:heavy_check_mark: Refrigerator
:heavy_check_mark: Boiler/Kettle
:heavy_check_mark: Refrigerator
:heavy_check_mark: Washing Machine
:heavy_check_mark: Drying Rack
:heavy_check_mark: Water Heater in Bathroom
:heavy_check_mark: Sofa in Living Room, Dining table with chairs
:heavy_check_mark: Security Guards
:heavy_check_mark: Squash Court
:heavy_check_mark: Mini Market
:heavy_check_mark: Badminton Court
:heavy_check_mark: Swimming Pool

*** Facts about the neighbourhood ***
:heavy_check_mark: Within 5-10 min walking distance to eateries, mini market, bank, clinic, stationery shop, telecommunication shop, convenience store etc.
:heavy_check_mark: Around 5 min driving distance to Endah Parade Shopping Mall.
:heavy_check_mark: Near to Sri Petaling & Bukit Jalil LRT station
:heavy_check_mark: Condominium newly repainted
:heavy_check_mark: Near to International Medical University, TPM College, and Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU / APIIT).
:heavy_check_mark: Near Primary Schools, Secondary Schools. (SK Seri Saujana, SK Seri Petaling, SK Bandar Baru Petaling, SMK Seri Saujana, SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, Beaconhouse Pre-school)
:heavy_check_mark: Accessible to KESAS Highway, KL-Putrajaya Expressway, KL-Seremban Expressway

Contact: michelleng1883@gmail.com