Any places to hang out?

A common question for us would be where to hang out? Personally, I think that being in this university for two academic years, you will pretty much be bored within the university campus. The University of Nottingham Malaysia is very unlike the other universities like Sunway and Taylors when it comes to leisure areas.

Even the closest mall would be the IOI City Mall, which is even a half-an-hour journey with the help of our shuttle bus service. But, if you enjoy so much shopping (or window shopping) and more importantly you do not own a car, IOI City Mall is one of the choices you have! It will be different if you have a car and you will be able to travel to malls which are much further away.


Another option I would recommend is really just joining the different clubs in the university. Most clubs often have a club room of their own. There, you are able to socialize with your seniors and juniors. And what’s a better place to hang out than a place like that?

Anyways, there isn’t really too much of entertainment areas near the University of Nottingham Malaysia. So do think twice if you want to admit into here. Thinking at the bright side, this place really doesn’t provide you with TOO MUCH of distractions right here.

if you would like to check out any bars, there is one in the univillage…a building opposite to the campus, it’s known as Cabana. normally my friends and i chill there and have fun…