Airpods vs Wired Headphones

Airpods VS Wired Headphones
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There are many advantages of Airpods than Wired headphones. Although the price of Airpods is pricy, but it is worth. I has this opinion after used Airpods and I’m comparing it with wired headphones. The first advantage of Airpods is portable. Everyone likes anything that is convenient, Airpods is small and light. Therefore, we can carry it on easily and without any inconvenient problems like where or how to store it. For instance, we can talking with anyone on phone call when moving to anywhere. Additionally, Airpods is ideal for exercises because it’s sporty and durable. It is also the most suitable option for sports compared to wired headphones. As an illustration, I’m wearing Airpods to gym instead of wired headphones because it’s more convenient. Last but not least, multiple functionality of Aipods is the most obvious reason to buy it and the main point why I thinks it’s worth the price. The mixed usage of Airpods, such as listening to music, travelling, exercising and gaming. In my opinion, Airpods makes our life more expedient, efficient and effectiveness.