After you join a uni/college, how to set yourself for post-graduation

You might have seen many graduates who end up unemployed for a long period of time after graduation before managing a night shift at McDonald’s. If you don’t want to fall inti this, follow these 5 tips to prepare for your career as soon as you can;

  1. Do not procrastinate- Many students are under the doubt that their career starts after graduation. In fact, you should start looking for opportunities well before you graduate
  2. Be updated on innovations taking place in your field. With rapic advancements in technology, it is very important to be up to date with the latest software involved in the industry.
  3. Go for internships since nothing can beat a hands-on education. Gaining experience in the real world can be a bonus when you apply for a job after graduation.
  4. Expand your knowledge by learning about different skills as companies keep an eye out for employees that have the ability to work in diverse settings. Hence, you should maximize your learning opportunities.
  5. Find network opportunities by attending career fairs well before graduation so that you can build up your contact list which will help you a lot when it is time for you to apply for internship or find a job.