Advantages of students having smartphones for education

Mobile Phones are beneficial to the students. It’s a piece of technology developed to make one’s life easy. Some of the advantages that students can get, while using a smartphone can be, the replacement of physical books. In this hyper connected world, everyday something new is happening like researches, experiments an all. So, textbook can’t provide students with the latest and up to date information. Using this technology, the students can be more organized, and they can have easy access to their own materials. Learning socially, this encourages students to interact with the group members not only in the class, but outside of the class as well. This will actually help them to stay connected socially and be good friends. Furthermore, only education is not the main priority in a student’s life. A student can’t always study and repeat the same thing again and again. Therefore, entertainment can also be a way to release stress. They can watch cartoon, movies, dramas, play games and so on.

Nowadays, 5G already has been a new technology towards a better future. There are some teachers who use 5G technology for their better teaching and learning process. And selecting good 5G provider is a must for all people as they need to do something with it, with no interruption or disconnecting etc

last time i use a telco, fibrenation one. but the connection always down, and customer service did not help at all, only asked us to restart the router for several times. then i switched to unifi, really good the service. later 5g comes, i guess they will lead as their current service.

Yup… I’ve read an article on tm aiming to do stand alone

Well that’s a good move rather than collaborating news from other telco… Should b they collab with tm, they already have infra, expert in this… Later when to do the infra, not taking few days only…