Adulthood in Uni : Keeping Clothes Clean

If you are planning to live on-campus, do not worry about the laundry services because there are coin-operated laundry services for every accommodation blocks on campus. However, a tip would be to only use these services during the weekdays (Monday-Friday).

This is because most students often use these during the weekends, and there aren’t too many machines for you to operate with anyways. So, it will be some time wasted for you to wait for the owners to collect their laundry.

Maybe the disadvantage would be that these laundry services would only accept the new 50 cent coin. and sometimes the coin converting machine would not be working as there are insufficient coins for you to exchange.

Sometimes I would tag along with some friends to use the laundry services outside of the university because it is cheaper, but if it is inconvenient, just use the laundry service as OP mentioned.