ADP - better, faster study option?


I heard that American Twinning Program, also another name American Degree Program (ADP), is better than the normal Foundation > Degree path because it’s faster… is it?

But then I read in another topic, maybe INTI, the ADP is 4+0. Then it’s same as foundation + degree, no? Because foundation is 1 year and degree usually also 3 years.

Is ADP really better?

Hi again John!

I wouldn’t say American Twinning Program is faster, but it is a cheaper option as compared to studying the whole 4 years in the US. This way, students can opt to do only last sem, or last 2 sems in the US.

A typical American Degree in the US is 4 years as compared to a 3 years UK Degree. Those who opt for ADP in Malaysia is to save cost primarily. If you are really looking at graduating faster, opt for this -
while sitting for SPM, also sit for IB Diploma, I know some have done it. The credits can count into the 4 years and shorten the period.

While an American Degree is 4 years, the best part is, if you have money or sponsors, you can straight away sit for SAT after SPM, and you do not need a foundation/pre u to gain admissions. However, most scholarship bodies prefer to still send you to a pre-uni/IB/AUP program first.