Admission to HELP CAT

It’s actually quite easy to get admitted to HELP CAT. Just bring your certificates and apply during the Open Day, pay the deposit, and you are sold you are in!

I am assuming most private university/college is like that? No interview needed unless you applied for scholarship, and no entry test needed unless you didn’t get credit for English.


HELP University, HELP Academy and HELP College of Arts and Technology are pleased to offer the School Achiever Scholarship Awards (SASA) to all student leaders. The main criteria for award of the scholarship are students’ outstanding leadership qualities and academic performance. These scholarships are awarded to encourage holistic, all-round achievers amongst school students in line with our educational philosophy at HELP.

So, if you have outstanding achievements during high school, you can apply for the scholarship!

If you are not getting a credit for English in SPM/O-Level, chances are you have to sit in for an English test before the semester starts. If you passed, you are good to go, if not, you have to take an extra English course. Don’t worry, the lecturers are friendly. :smile:

Same goes to Malay. Since HELP CAT is recognized under MQA, students have to fulfill the MQA subjects - Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies (for non-Muslims)/Islamic Studies (for Muslims), and Malay Language. However, you are exempted from Malay Language if you score at least a ‘C’ in SPM. If you are using O-Level result, which has higher chances of not having BM as one of the subject, you have to take this compulsory subject.

Happy learning! :heart:

wow… So SPM English and Malay has to be at least B lah? heard that course fee is expensive leh…

Ya lo… One of my senior who used O-Level to apply is forced to stay back for a semester just to study Bahasa Kebangsaan A. Don’t play play with MQA ya~~

The English… I overheard one lecturer says most students grammar are poor even they didn’t take that extra class… :open_mouth: opssss~