Admission in UPM

Wanna be part of them?

Hello soon to be UPMian!

So you’ve heard the news about UPM from your seniors, cousins, auntie or maybe online and attracted to it? Want to be part of it? Say no more.

UPM is a research university that ranked Top 5 in Malaysia. It’s a big university that facilitate you with lot of services.

If you’re applying for Diploma courses, it only offers agriculture and food sciences courses and is located at Bintulu, Sarawak. If its for a foundation program (called ASPER) or degree program, it’ll be at Serdang, Selangor.

First way of applying is by filling the UPU online at

All that matters are credits for all subject and at least Band 2 for MUET. easy right?

Other way to get admitted is if you’re an athlete or national athlete. UPM will be one of the choices for you to further your studies. And for your information, UPM have A LOT of national athletes as its students.

Basically, that is it. If you have more inquiries about UPM, you are welcome to surf its official webpage at

And you can browse through the topics I’ve posted too to get some overview of how will UPM looks/be like.

what will it be for international students ???

what is the cheapest course that i can get there??

I’ve heard it somewhere about ASPER UPM. Is it true that it is divided by two? The fast track and normal want? Just want to know.

ASPER UPM :sweat: is a course?? sorry, kinda lost here

It’s not a course. Its a foundation program at UPM. It derived from the words ASasi PERtanian (hence ASPER).

Yes, it is true. The fast track is when you got admitted by your SPM Trial result and will enrolled in degree’s program at as young as 18 years old.

The normal track is the usual 1 year foundation program based on your SPM results.

Hope that I answer you. :relaxed:

owh get it. soo which one is the cheapest course?? this ASPEAR??