Accommodations at the Nottingham Uni

Are you worrying where to stay if you want to study here but you are from a place far away?

No worries!

The University of Nottingham Malaysia provides on-campus accommodation to students, and not to mention that these accommodations are in fact very close to the learning facilities, classrooms, and amenities.

However, due to the huge demand for on-campus rooms, I would suggest that you apply once the application is opened to all students. The price range for the rooms goes as low as RM395 for a four shared room and as high as RM750 for a deluxe single room with a bathroom for a month. All in all, I would say that despite the expensive tuition fees here, the accommodation price is rather decent if compare to other on-campus fees.

However, if you happened to seek accommodation fees which are cheaper than on-campus, you can pretty much check out the rooms which are off-campus. There are many various options, such as Univillage (which is just a stone’s throw away from the university), Taman Tasik Semenyih (the housing areas which are located near the back gate of the university), and many more.

If you have a car and you wish to drive from your accommodation to the campus, there are also options which may be a distance away from the campus, there are accommodations which can cater to that option as well.

How about any UNM folks here? What are your choices when it comes to accommodations? Any suggestions to our lovely juniors who may come to visit and study on our campus?

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I live in Univillage because the on-campus pricing is really expensive for me. But I think it is a good experience for any new students in Nottingham. Univillage is convenient too because there is a food court which is a walking distance too. In the end I think it depends on your budget and which environment you prefer.

Ya, I agree… I got friends who have cheaper accommodation for off-campus, it will be easier if you have a car although your accom will be a distance from the campus. But you can also stay on campus if you are not fond of finding accom outside…