Accommodation: On-Campus or Off-Campus?

For students from abroad, choosing an appropriate accommodation is undeniably an important decision to make. In UCSI Kuala Lumpur Campus, you may choose between our on-campus or off-campus options. As their names indicate, the on-campus accommodation (Block D & E) are in fact two of the blocks within our campus while the off-campus one is actually a condominium (Angkasa Condominium) located about 10 minutes walking distance away. So, how do we choose between these two? Well, the common trade-off would be between distance and price.

Usually, the price of our on-campus accommodation is a little higher than the off-campus one, but the advantage is that you’ll only need to walk a few steps to reach your classes. Besides, laundry service is also included in our on-campus accommodation packages. On the other hand, if you’re opting for an off-campus unit, the distance to classes would be be much longer but the price you’ll be paying is much more lower.

Another thing to be considered is the number of room mates/ house mates you’d like to have. For on-campus, you can choose between single, double or three-bedded sharing rooms, while for off-campus, there are also options of single and double sharing rooms but usually, one whole house unit is shared by 10 persons.

Here’s a link where you can find out more about the accommodation in our university: :slightly_smiling_face: