Accommodation of UCSI

The Accommodation Services Unit (ASU) is one of several units parked under the Student Affairs & Alumni Office. As management, part of our role is to observe cleanliness and maintenance of the hostel, to establish security and safety in the residential halls, to ensure that integration between the residents is maintained, and that the rules and regulations of the hostel are adhered, to ensure students would enjoy their learning and living at UCSI University.

There are two options for UCSI University accommodations:

On-campus Accommodation - (Residential Halls)
Off-campus Accommodation - (Angkasa Condo)
The on-campus residential halls are on the campus while the off-campus accommodations are located within walking distance to the University. These premises have easy access to many amenities such as public transportations, banks, the post office, restaurants, supermarkets, the money changer and others.

Pictures of UCSI Colleges

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hello, do u know any outside accommodation with cheap rent?