About chinese medicine and foundation in science

Hi… :grinning: who is studying foundation in science in IMU or studied bfore,bcause me and my friend need some help? and also who is studying chinese medicine in IMU?

Hi @ShiMin Bachelor of Science Chinese Medicine (Hons) at IMU is a 4-year full time programme. The CM course consists of modules in basic Medical Sciences and Chinese Medicine.The medium of instruction is English and Mandarin where necessary. After graduation, graduates must spend 1 year to do housemanship in a JPA-accredited hospital. Upon satisfactory completion of the housemanship, graduates can be registered by the Ministry of Health to practise in Malaysia. If you need more info about the tuition fees and etc., click here.

Other universities offering this course include Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahaman, Management & Science University (MSU) and INTI Int’l University.

Hey @ShiMin

not from foundation nor Chinese Med, but I am an IMU student :slight_smile:

What sort of help do you need? Maybe I can be of assistance :smiley:

Thx you…@Sea
bcause i wan to borrow some notes and ask some help from foundation in science d students …
I m studying foundation in TCM now…still have 2 sem to go…and i need to plan where i need to go after i finish my foundation…i need to get some advice and opinions from IMU students who are studying TCM now or studied bfore …bcause i really confuse whether study chinese version or english version d TCM will b better… :grinning:

thank you @Lyn
housemanship in a JPA-accredited hospital mean housemanship in Msia hospital or go other country?
study eng version d CM or chinese version d will be better?
As i know, only IMU and INTI d CM is taught in english, mandarin if necessary…
If i use other uni d foundation in TCM d cert to study degree in IMU can? and i need achieve Cgpa 2.0 right?
bcause i really do know go IMU or china to study CM will be better. thx

Hi @ShiMin we spoke with Janice of IMU (she is the programme counselor at the university) and yes they do accept foundation students from other universities and that the mininum requirement is 2.0 CGPA. The medium of instruction is mainly English and Mandarin when necessary. The JPA-accredited hospital is based in Malaysia.

For more queries, you may contact Janice at 03-27317544 :slight_smile: hope this helps.

Hey @ShiMin

sorry for the late reply. Erm as far as I know (I may be wrong here) IMU’s CM is taught in a mixture of Chinese & English, with Chinese being the majority (based on the few sessions I heard of). Based on one of the CM student’s reply on another thread here:

its not an easy course :stuck_out_tongue: I just have to tell you, its no easier than Medicine - Every course in IMU is tough, and Chinese Medicine is no exception. What makes CM uniquely difficult is that you need to learn the western medicine components (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology… etc etc) simultaneously as you learn the Chinese Medicine (Ying and yang, 5 element, herbal medicine, acupuncture) - the western medicine component is being taught by Doctors teaching medical students.


IMU at least makes an attempt to teach all modules in English, and for foreign students they give 1 year free mandarin tuition (which I took!) - although yes you can’t possibly teach everything in English - so lecture is in mixture of English and Chinese. I just had my Herbal formula exam, the way we are examined we are provided with Pinyin “Danggui” instead of the 当归 chinese characters. We’re not really required to know the scientific name (Radix Angelicae Sinensis). same goes for acupuncture points.

I can say for a fact that the lecturers don’t really change their contents between medicine and chinese medicine - so for my classmates, western medicine subjects are pretty hard…

I can’t really recommend whether it’s better to study TCM at China or IMU’s better, but from what I can gather it seems that due to IMU being a medic focused school, the western medicine component would be top notch as it’ll be taught by professional medic lecturers. The courses would also be taught in a mixture of Eng & Chinese (as oppose to only 1 or the other), and while YMMV, I personally think this is better as both languages are equally important when it comes to your future career. At the very least, not all CM patients are fluent with Chinese, & some English would (IMO) help tremendously if you’re thinking of branching out to countries other than China or Taiwan.


Thank you @Lyn
I will ask when i need …
I personally think that housemanship in M’sia not so gd…
no matter i study chinese or eng version d CM,the only thing i scare is my future career…because M’sia don’t have many hospitals that have CM…I’ll alway say that CM wasn’t the hottest topic in M’sia…so let me consider first…As i know many of the university will send students to China for the housemanship…
Anyway thank you for your reply.

Is ok…Thank you @Sea.
If i need help , i just ask you through easyuni? or if you don mind , can i ask u through fb or wechat? seems awkward that i ask this question… :cold_sweat:
bcause me and my friend not so good in chem and physiology…so need some help from you… let me consider first whether i go abroad or IMU to further my degree …I’ll alway say that CM wasn’t the hottest topic in M’sia…
Anyway thank you for the advice and opinions that you gave…

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No problem @ShiMin take your time to know your options.

Hi @ShiMin perhaps you should open your topic here: IMU Best Medical University in Malaysia?

As there are some students from IMU who might give you a better answer. Hope this helps.

Thank you ooo @Lyn :grinning:

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To study chinese medicine well, your friend should study Chinese first.
We couldn’t rely on the translator, and your friend would learn chinese medicine deeply if he/she master the languge.

Hi @ShiMin, I’m a second year Chinese medicine student that wrote the comments that @Sea quoted. I am happy to answer any questions if you have anything specific to ask me. Just pm me?

I am also interested in this course too…does anyone who is doing the credit transfer ke China uni?

Hi @TatsukiAbe, could you share also the workload that you have being an IMU TCM student? For example, how many hours a week of lectures and tutorials for the course?