A Glimpse into Relationships

Cruising through your tertiary education you are bound to meet many candidates that may be attractive to you. Some maybe just a passing cloud but other may have left a lasting impression on you that till this very point reading this, his or her image keep popping in your mind. You can seem to remove that though from your mind. Her eyes makes the stars look like their not shining, her hair falls perfectly without her trying, arghhhhhh she is the one for me!!!


Its nerve wrecking to ask him/her out or even just talk to her. Its soooooo difficult!
Well never to fear cause Norman is here hahaha

Here’s what you need to know first, that in relationships trying is part of the process, without trying you may never know, what if all this while you actually thought he or she does not like you, BUT actually they do! Give it a shot, try it out, go and talk to her or him, you don’t have to stick to the stigmas of society and believe that only the guy needs to approach, the girl is hidden within her emotions and it’s hard to gauge her, the guys is the girl approaches would make him feel more manly boosting his ego etc,.We are living in the 21st century, the age where barriers are slowly dissolving and the oath of greater human connections is being achieved.

Why don’t you take the first step, approach her or him, don’t just jump the gun and say I LIKE YOU! That’s a complete NO NO! Instead get to the know the person first, get to know they are what you’re actually picturing! Who knows they may not be! Most issues occur when persons rush into relationships and end up being in the worst dilemma of their life. However I am not discounting the fact that there are some that were rushed but never till this day rushed into a separation or complete detachment from each other.
Approach the person, genuinely care for the person, love them for who they are and I am pretty sure they will begin to spark interests.

To arouse their interests even more, how about giving them things they they actually need or love, for example she may need a cable to charge, she didn’t know it but u know she needs it, get her one and she will be flattered, or maybe he needs help with his assignment and you happen to finish it, hand him some ideas how to go around it and he will definitely have a spark for you!

Have fun getting into a relationship don’t look at it with a dread! You are more than capable and more than beautiful and worth of someone loving you! Take the risk if you got it YAY! If you didn’t, whine for a bit, and then cut yourself some slack and move to next bit, don’t get too critical cause someone once said


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Very useful tips Mr Norman. You sould like you have alot of experience and you should share with us some tactics Mr Ladies Man :wink:

Hope to see it in your next post hahahah

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hahahaha glad you enjoyed this write up.