A deeper thinking :what is your purpose joining a college/university


What does a college/university mean to you?:nerd:Please note that when you join a college/university you are going to spent 3~4 year in it which is 3.75~5% of your total life assuming you can live to 80 y.o.:thinking: And 5~6.7% of your remaining life.:slight_frown:

Is college/University

a place for you to gain knowledge?:books:
**Then in what way you will use it? Does it help in your life goal??

a place for you to find your potential other half?:couple:

a place for you to do business?:money_mouth:
**What opportunity you will grab ??How it help you in your ultimate life goal?

a place for you to get the cert so that you can apply some decent job?:coffee:
**Is this the way you want to spend the rest of your life in?

a place to let you enjoy and spent the remaining time before you work?
**can it balance the cost of your 3.75~5% life

a place to change your fate?
**how have it help you until now?

What is your purpose you joining at college/university.And until now what have it provide you to achieve or to benefit your purpose.Does the amount of fee you paid for it and the amount of time you spend at there worth it??At the same time did the decision you make on joining a college open a better route for your future or the opposite of it.

Compare to you ultimate life goal does it help you or does it the best choice you make at the time?

Joining a college/University was never a right or wrong choice. The life that you having now depend on the action you made and the decision you make 3~5 years before. So what is your purpose joining a college/University. And how it help you?