7 Famous Restaurants around UPM

You just finished with classes or just having break before next classes and feeling hungry but cafeterias in UPM seem to be boring to you. If you have your own transport or friends with transport, you can go to these restaurants I am about to mention. :grin: It is that famous among UPMian that you can see either UPM staff or UPM students whenever you visit these places.

1. Bismillah

This one is the nearest to UPM that you can just walk around 10 minutes to arrive or less than 5 mins by motorcycles or car (minus searching for parking :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) .

This is a 24 hours mamak stall that offer you variety of dishes and menus with affordable student price.

3 top menus that I would recommend to you are the Soto, Mee Goreng Mamak, and Roti Tampal Telur Goyang. Each of the menu will not cause you more than RM5! It’s good to go at any time doesn’t matter for breakfast, luch, dinner or even supper.

2. Padang

Nope. It is not the field where people play football and such. Its just the name of the place because of its wide area that allocated a lot of food stalls with a lot more variation to its menu.

One of the famous drinks here is the Coconut Shake. You can grab one with as low as RM2.80 at a regular satisfactory size. It is also famous with its lot of dishes choices for lunch hour meal at absolutely affordable and reasonable price.

This is why UPM students and staffs love to go to this place for their lunch break. :wink:

3. PKS Maju

If you are someone who eat a lot and ask for nasi tambah (more rice) here, you surely are a first timer!

Here, it offers you larger quantity of food with cheaper price. Students who are currently on budget would LOVEEE this place.

*Tips: You can ask to get your drinks in the plastic ikat tepi while dining in instead of glass to get extra volume on your drinks. :wink:

4. Anjung

This is a Malay restaurant which located near to Pasar Malam Sri Serdang that opens every Monday and Friday. This restaurant open everyday and famous for being a hangout place after students finish buying foods from the Pasar Malam. They eat what they bought from Pasar Malam here and usually order drinks from this place.

One of it specialties is, every Friday night, there will be a band performing to entertain the customers. Have a try! :tropical_drink:

5. Chop and Steak

If you’re craving for western food, here is where to go. The place is near to Anjung, which also means near to the roundabout at Sri Serdang.

This is one of the cheapest western restaurants you can get around UPM and Sri Serdang area. No specific words to mention, it is just so delicious and cheap. The thinking of it makes me hungry! :fork_and_knife: :poultry_leg:

cozy interior desing too!

6. Singgah D’Klasik

The sign might not look convincing enough, but believe me, its worth it!

Famous for its Thai cuisine and also it “always full house” topic. Great for a dinner place with Thai foods. It starts operating around 5.00 pm and close on Tuesday. So, get you date and time right.

Not to forget, be more patience while waiting for your order! :stuck_out_tongue:

7. Lava Grill

A restaurant that focuses on mostly burgers. There are a lot of choices on burgers from double cheese, triple layer and so many more! ! ! !

mouth watering is it? :yum:

That’s it! 7 famous restaurants you can hunt around UPM area. UPM is surrounded with a lot of facilities, restaurants and accommodation. So, no worries. You’ll be safe. :wink:

Anyway, if you are into fast foods, there are also KFC, McDonald and Pizza Hut around. Go a little bit further and you’ll find Domino’s.

Have a good hunt! :fork_and_knife: :curry:

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which one is your favorite restaurants ?

The first one; Bismillah. The owner there recognize me cause I’ve been there too often. :heart_eyes_cat:

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with your reference will we get any special discount or better service ? :blush:

which restaurant that has the lowest price for their service?? out of all that is above.

PKS Maju of course. With big quantity of food too. :heart_eyes:

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wow. soo many restaurant ya.
are all of them operating 24 hours daily??

nope, not all. the 24 hours daily restaurants are mostly the mamak restaurant. :smiley: