555 drones do various demo synchronously?

I never heard of too many drones were flying together and do various of demonstration synchronously. I’m amazed watching the video. Like thats cool enoughhh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw6wzTD6A1k&feature=emb_logo

haah cool sangat. ada 555 drone yang terbang serentak time pelancaran di langkawi

ni sempena pelancaran 5g di langkawi kan?

siap masuk book of record tau tahniah tm!

this drone lighting show is really mesmerising…first time saw 555 Drone Lighting Show by 5G TM Malaysia at Langkawi…

ya betul, ia bersempena dgn acara perasmian TM 5G di Langkawi pada 19 hari bulan Januari 2020…

wow, xpernah sy seen this before, mmg hebat

when will the other telco build their own infra

If they are planning to build own infra it would take years… by that time 6g already came out

If telco lain buat infra kan, luar bandar akan dapat juga ke

haah betul tu, sempena pelancaran 5g di langkawi. hebat betul!

fuyo seriouslah? ni saya baru tahu, makin naik lah nama TM lepas ni!

Baguslah tu, semua orang dpt rangkaian 5G ni yg line lebih lagi pantas dan stabil…

Hebat sangat ni. Langkawi dilengkapi dgn rangkaian termaju 5G.

Very amazing, never seen before. This is my first time saw 555 drones flying simultaneously in various formations. TM is the best!

Maybe other telco can plan to collaborate and co-invent with TM to roll out and enhance 5G network in Malaysia…

Yea some more they will waste money & time. Better they focus improving their 4g

Yea you can check on tm’s facebook for news

Dont worry okay later whole malaysia will get 5g too

hmm mcm tak dpt je. sebab yg kat bandar ni pun line slow