5 Places UPM Students Should Know

So, are you a UPM student? Then you should experience any one of these.

1. Gate numbers

You wouldn’t know which numbers belong to which gate unless you’re a real UPMian. Even there are more than 20 gates here in UPM, by the end of your study year, you would mostly only remember 2-4 of it which is Pintu 1, Pintu 14, Pintu 15 and Pintu 17. These would be the only gate that you can be expert with.

2. The Mines

An UPMian favorite hang out place is The Mines. Either you want to watch movies, buying groceries, chilling out or even just want to eat sushi, you would go to The Mines. Other than being the nearest shopping mall to UPM, for students with no transport, it would be the best place to go with no single cents to be sacrificed on transportation fees. With the use of your Student Card, you’ll get an access to be sent straight away to the KTM Serdang which is nearby to The Mines. But! Make sure you get on the right bus. But now with the existence of IOI City Mall Putrajaya, will The Mines still be the favorite place? :stuck_out_tongue:

3. Bukit Ekspo

You are not a real UPM student if you have never been to here at least once. You either been here for the mean of recreational activities, spending out money when there are big festivals (such as Convocation Festival),having a picnic, taking photographs or dating perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue: Well indeed, it is a good place to relax your mind by walking around there and enjoy the scenery. On a nice weather of course. :wink:


Only real UPM students know what these acronyms can bring other than Fakulti Bahasa Moden dan Komunikasi or in English we call it Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication. Wanna know its other name? Ask any UPM students. :see_no_evil:


Looks just like random letters isn’t it? Real UPMian should know how to pronounce it properly. It goes P double K double S double A S. That’s how UPMian pronounce our Arts and Cultural Center Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah or we call it Pusat Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah / Dewan Besar.

#5 sounds like PEKASAS to me. Is it pronounced like that too?
P double K double S double A S seems to long to say.

btw, what bus no. goes to The Mines huh?

Yeah, it kinda pronounce like that too but UPMian tends to just call it Dewan Besar.

We did not use numbers to indicate where the bus id going but rather the name of its destination. The South City Plaza Mall and Serdang Commuter Station bus is the bus we use to go to the mines. We’ll stop at the Serdang Commuter Station, walk across the flyover and have another 5 minutes walk to The Mines. That is what we do to save money. :grinning:

hahahah. overlooked the last 2 words. That’s really short though, better than PEKASAS

ahhh… no wonder I can’t find The Mines in the list. Thanks sensei.

too many gates, too many acronyms… you guys surely learn a lot huh. not just the subjects even every single name of the buldings. salute… :smiley:

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