3 Tips to Stay Awake in Class - For us Sleepyheads

Sleepyhead has always been my nickname ever since young. I think it’s getting worse as I grow in age. Sometimes, I would spend almost 60% of my time in class daydreaming and losing focus of what the lecturer is saying. This is why a morning class is really my weakness. While I used to just let it be and catch up by getting notes from my friends l, I realized this doesn’t work as I’m approaching the third year of my studies. Missing a single information from class can really bring serious risks to my academic results. Hence, I figured out a few ways to keep myself awake and alert during classes. Let me share them with you.

1. Getting a cup of coffee/tea. Well, this is pretty common but drinking a cup of coffee before a class can really help me to stay alert and energetic during a class. However, maybe because I’m drinking too much of it, my body is slowly getting immuned and would still feel sleepy even after having one. I now find black tea like Earl Grey or Oolong really helpful. My favourite brand of black tea now is actually the local Boh Cameronian Gold Blend. It’s better for our stomach compared to coffee too. You should try it out! :wink:

2. Writing notes. Sometimes we get sleepy or have our minds wandered off because we are only listening and not doing anything. That is why writing down notes of what the lecturer is saying can be very helpful in keeping ourselves awake and focused. Paraphrasing the words can be even more effective as our minds stay more alert when it is working on processing information.

3. Acupressure points. There was this once when I was so sleepy that I couldn’t even keep my eyes opened. It was near exams so it was really important for me to keep myself focused. Therefore, I decided to go on Google to look for quick ways of getting myself out of that sleepiness. An article about Acupressure popped up and I was really doubtful about it at first. Without much care, I tried pressing a node point on the top of my head and I was so amazed by the immediate effect. It felt like I was just awake from a long deep sleep and regained all my energy. That was when I started looking for more Acupressure points that could possibly keep me awake. However, do follow the directions as stated in the articles as pressing on these points recklessly may cause harm to your body.

Nevertheless, the most effective way of staying energetic is to sleep and rest adequately. Eat healthy and make sure to sleep for at least 6 hours a day. It is okay to take short naps when you’re tired.

Do not force yourself to complete all the works at once. Most importantly, plan ahead so that you’ll have enough time to complete your works on time while getting enough rest. :smile:

Hey @fanniekpf I had such a good read at the material you posted.

essentially at the end of the day, as students, sleep is necessary, and if one is sleeping in class, it may show that they are actually sleep depraved or may suffer from some sleep disorders. hence I highly recommend that we should sleep enough, and if it requires us to sleep early, we should.

if we cant sleep at night there are tons of methods, which could be sourced online that can help curb the insomnia demon.

Thanks for sharing!

Hey there! Yes. :grin: I definitely agree with you. Having a good night’s sleep in the first place is really what’s more important. Sadly, sometimes we just can’t help but just to stay up a little longer to get our works done. Hopefully all of us can learn to manage our time properly to avoid ourselves from burning the midnight oil again. (Let’s save our liver! :rofl:)

Thanks Norman for sharing too! :star2: