1. My journey from Foundation to Degree

My journey at INTI international university began in May 2017. I completed my Foundation in Science in May 2018 and proceeded to do my Bachelors in Biotechnology at INTI IU itself. When doing my Foundation in Science, I chose the Biological Science pathway but you also have the choice of doing biotechnology after completing the Pure Science pathway as well.

The different intakes for the Biotechnology degree are January, June and August. Since I finished my foundation in May, I decided to dive into the degree programme directly and enrolled in the June intake. Also given that I was already a student at INTI IU, the paperwork involved was not a long process. I only had to fill in a transfer and progression form together with my academic transcript and also a completion letter from my Head of Programme from the Foundation department and after less than two week, the process was completed, and I was enrolled in my degree.

An added advantage I had in INTI was that I got a scholarship to continue my degree here based on my academic performance in the Foundation course. I therefore decided to continue my degree here itself.

You can get more information about the Biotechnology course offered at INTI IU here